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Given information: The requirements of stakeholders in the potato chips production system…

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Given information:

The requirements of stakeholders in the potato chips production system

The system produces 500000 tonnes of potato chips in 6 months to provide to the distributors
Financial Information:
Sales (VND) for the last year: 500 billion
Sales (VND) for the current year: 520 billion
Sales Forecast: 550 billion
Marketing Information:
Fundamental areas: Ho Chi Minh city and other surrounding provinces in Vietnam
The number of distrubutors’ employees: 4000
Regulatory Information:
Importing products process: Domestic shipping-only distributors
Selling products process: Purchasing products from the plants and distributing to retailers and supermarkets

The system is required to provide reverse logistics.
A warehouse can contain 100000 tonnes of raw materials and be managed with the company’s personnel.
Transportation: 400 trucks were utilized to transfer the products to distributors
Storage condition must be effectively guaranteed (maximum of months)

System maintainers:
The system plans to develop the technical resource to operate the plant smoothly
The maintenance has to be safe
The time interval for regular maintenance is 2 weeks per time to examine the system

Make sure that all potato slices inside the snack are still crunchy and crispy when being opened
Ensure that the customers are satisfied with the quality of the potato chips and the need that they want for our snack production
The system shall request distributors to share information about customers to improve quality

The system shall propose the appropriate prices to purchase raw materials.
The system shall consider the time for a response quickly to avoid stagnation production.

Board of directors:
The system has complicated steps to operate smoothly
The plan is prepared for an emergency situation
The Board of directors utilizes the time intervals to enhance the function of the system

Requirements: Using the given information, you create System Requirements Document (SRD) including
1) Functional Requirements, External Interface Requirements, System Features, and Nonfunctional Requirements
2) System’s mission and application
3) System operation function, constraint
4) Boundary
5) Support and environment concept

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