Geriatric Case ManagementAnswers 1Bids 36Other questions 10,Geriatric Case ManagementAnswers 1Bids 36Other questions 10

Deliverable Length: 3 pages(excluding cover, abstract, and reference pages) that must be includedWrite a paper outlining the major components of geriatric case management (including who is involved, what is involved, how it works to optimize health care resources, and patient health, among others).Provide an example of why each component is needed in long-term care and where it is needed.The explanation of why each component of geriatric case management is needed in long-term care must consider costs, quality, and access criteria for each stakeholder group involved (such as patient, provider, third-party payer, health care manager, and so on).Summarize the ethical principles involved, and list 1 challenge that ethical principles create in successful geriatric case management.APA – deliverable is cited properly according to the APA Publication Manual (6th Ed.)

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