Free Offers and PricingAnswers 1Bids 25Other questions 10,Free Offers and PricingAnswers 1Bids 25Other questions 10

*Will also reply to 3 classmate’s response to this question. Once completed I will send you their answer to respond*A survey from MARC Research found that among a variety of holiday specials and shopping tactics, store coupons and free-shipping offers were the two incentives most used by shoppers during the fourth-quarter 2009 holiday-shopping season.Read more: addition, read the article below on the importance of “free” in online commerce: on these articles and other readings you may find, what do you think of the “free” offers used by online retailers or marketer? Do you think the “free” offers would be more effective than coupons? Use some concepts you learned from module 5, as well as other modules to discuss these issues.

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