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Your manager has asked you to develop training materials to help employees understand the role of leadership within your organization. Because there are remote employees in your organization, you will need to develop PowerPoint slides and speaker notes so that you can deliver this training as a webinar. Your manager expects you to be polished and ready to deliver a professional webinar and has asked you to submit a recording for her review prior to the live event. Use Strayer University Library at and the internet to research the topics for this webinar.PreparationUse these resources to help you with the PowerPoint and Kaltura recording aspects of this assignment: You will create a PowerPoint slide show with narration and speaker notes. To do this, you will use Kaltura to record your screen as you show your slides and use your speaker notes to talk (screencast). Make time to practice! Prepare by reviewing these resources about PowerPoint, Effective Presentations, and Kaltura:Create a PowerPoint PresentationUse Presenter ViewTop 10 Slide TipsTop 10 Best Practices When Using PowerPoint for PresentationsCreating and Submitting Video Assignments Using the Kaltura Desktop AppInstructionsCreate a narrated PowerPoint presentation with four to eight (4-8) slides (1-2 slides per topic). Use the slides as well as the speaker notes feature to discuss each of the following leadership training topics: Leadership Style and Impact: Assess the three (3) key elements of a leadership style and the impact that those elements can make on business success. Provide background for your answer and support for your rationale in your speaker notes. Motivation: Determine two (2) key ways in which a leader can motivate employees to achieve their goals for the organization. Provide background for your answer and support for your rationale in your speaker notes. Managerial Communication: Give three (3) recommendations for a leader to articulate and communicate his/her vision for the company to employees and other stakeholders. Provide background for your answer and support for your rationale in your speaker notes. Hiring Leaders: Prepare your webinar participants for the hiring process by asking them to assume they have received a resume from a candidate to join your organization as a leader. Describe at least two criteria you would use to evaluate whether a candidate’s leadership style is a good fit for your organization. Professional Writing and Narrated PowerPoint Requirements Go to to locate at least (3) quality academic resources. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not qualify as academic resources. Your PowerPoint presentation must be visually appealing and follow these formatting requirements: Use headings on each slide and at least one (1) related graphic (photographs, charts, clip art, etc.). Apply slide design best practices (minimal text, appropriate images/charts, and proper mechanics, grammar, and spelling) for an appropriately professional presentation. Include a title slide containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. Provide a References List in APA format on the last slide. The title and reference slides are not included in the required slide length. Include the speaker’s notes for each slide. Your speaker notes combined with your slide content must thoroughly address each of the topics in #1-#4 above. Use the Kaltura Desktop App to record your narrated presentation in which you use your speaker notes to record your delivery of the slides. You should convey a professional presence and tone in your delivery. Your videos should not be longer than 7 minutes to avoid technical difficulties with uploading.

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