Financial analysis Answers 1Bids 57Other questions 10,Financial analysis Answers 1Bids 57Other questions 10

Academic essayWrite an academic essay answering one of the two questions below. The word limit is 1,500 words (plus or minus 10%). There must be a word count at the end of your essay. Any attached appendices or copies of tables will be ignored – so don’t include them – but you are very welcome to include tables and diagrams in the main body of your essay, so long as they add something to your discussion, and so long as they are no more than half a page. Each table or diagram will count as 25 words. Your essay should have page numbers, be in either a 12 or 11 point typeface, and have either single or 1.5 line spacing. There must be a References list, listed in alphabetical order, though this is not included in the word count. The References list should contain all of the material that you have cited in the text, and only the material that you have cited in the text; long lists of works not cited in the text do not impress. All quotations should be appropriately attributed, as should key facts and views obtained from others. The citation method used must be the Harvard system (see below), and you should be careful to include page numbers in your citations where necessary; for example, when using quotations the citation must have the exact page number/s, viz: (Bloggs, 1998: 34). Remember that we take plagiarism exceptionally seriously. Answer one of the two questions below:Questions:1. Drawing on Sarasvathy’s effectuation model (2003) discuss how the individual characteristics and attributes of the entrepreneur might influence a business start-up. Discuss the significance of      innovation to SMEs. Drawing on the literature, with the use of examples,      briefly analyse the types of innovation and their roles in SME’s value      creation and business growth.

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