Extra Credit: Researching Library DatabasesAnswers 1Bids 45Other questions 10,Extra Credit: Researching Library DatabasesAnswers 1Bids 45Other questions 10

Answer each question, the following questions for an extra Writer’s Notebook grade (this is extra credit). Find the source that discusses police wearing body cameras by Kelly Freund. List the title of the article and summarize it (you can summarize the abstract). Find the source that discusses transgender students’ bathroom rights from the Harvard Journal on Legislation. List the title of the article, the author, and the subject terms used to categorize it. Find the source that discusses the sale of organs from Boston College Law Review. List the correct Works Cited entry. Find a source that discusses raising the federal minimum wage. List the article title and author. Then describe how you searched for it and found it.YouTube URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3y_2wzCS0cPlease watch the video below over accessing the online databases. Then complete the database activity in your next Writer’s Notebook below. You will be finding sources for your annotated bibliography and your argument research paper. You will use  Academic Search Complete to find them.  You need to find four sources that support your claim and one that is a counterargument.You can access the online databases from the Richland College Library homepage (there is a link on the left sidebar). Click on Databases (in the left column) and then click on Academic Search Complete at the top of the page. You will have to login with your student ID email provided by DCCCD. Your email starts with a lowercase E followed by your student ID. Here’s an example:Login: [email protected]Password: eConnect passwordIf you do not know your eCannect password, you can try logging in on the eConnect webpage. There is a box you can check to get your password hint as well.Whenever you search a database, always look for the ‘Advanced Search’ feature, which allows you to combine key terms. Using key terms selectively is also important. Also, when searching for authors in a database, always place the last name first, since items in a database are alphabetized. You can also use the drop down arrow to search specific things like authors, titles, journal names, or even ISBN numbers.user name [email protected]pass. Mesototo#1983

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