Evidence evaluationAnswers 1Bids 64Other questions 10,Evidence evaluationAnswers 1Bids 64Other questions 10

Based on the articles about foreign language requirements Read each article carefully. Identify the thesis of each one and the main points used to prove that claim. (5 points) Put brackets around the thesis [ ]. Underline the main points. Analyze and evaluate the specific information given to support those main ideas using the key terms: relevant, sufficient, representative. Refer to the handout “Assessing Evidence” on Canvas (under Modules/Literature Review) Write up your findings in a few paragraphs to be turned in with the marked reading. (15 points) Be prepared for a quick quiz and class discussion. (5 points}The assignment is worth 25 points (a significant part of the “other” category that makes up 5% of your grade.)This type of evaluation will be required in the final draft of your paper.

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