Eschatology (Sandman)Answers 1Bids 37Other questions 10,Eschatology (Sandman)Answers 1Bids 37Other questions 10

After reading this material answer this four question 1. In Sandman, God is never explicitly referred to by name. There is only mention of “The Presence” which the angels acknowledge. Do you think it was a respectful representation?2. Some of God’s characteristics in Sandman: Is He omnipotent? Merciful? Eternal? Does He seem familiar to you?3. Describe ‘Hell’ in Sandman. What is God’s role in Hell? (You may—if you wish—compare Gaiman’s vision of Hell to descriptions by others, e.g. Dante, C. S. Lewis, etc; or compare it with your own idea.)4. God’s relationship with His created: How do the angels act toward Him? How does Sandman? Does this resonate with you? Why or why not?

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