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Design your poster1. The poster needs to fit on an 8.5 X 11 inch sheet of paper and needs to be designed to catch the attention of students. Be creative! You can draw it by hand or use software. The poster needs to be easy to read.2. The content of the poster aimed at University of Toronto students needs to communicate:- What is the issue? This description needs to be very concise! You can stay with the big issue – sustainability of chocolate.- Why is this an important issue? Your poster needs to state 3 points explaining why this is an important issue. Reference each point with a footnote as illustrated below.2- What actions are you asking each student to do? You need to identify 3 concrete actions that, through your research, you believe will have maximum effectiveness at improving the sustainability of chocolate production across the supply chain. The action is what you and your peers are most likely to do. You do not need references for each action. But the action needs come from your research, as likely to be effective in addressing the sustainability of chocolate.3. References: You must have 3 different references from a credible source to support your explanation of why this is an important issue. Be careful in identifying independent versus industry-sponsored information which could be biased. You should avoid using sources that could be biased. Reference each point with a superscript number or letter.1 See below for the entry of the footnote. The reference in the footnote must be big enough to read. Please use APA style. You must include a credit for each image or photo that you use.

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