EL206-01 Unit 3 TOPIC 2 Answers 1Bids 47Other questions 10,EL206-01 Unit 3 TOPIC 2 Answers 1Bids 47Other questions 10

Find attached an example of Autobiography.Find an sample learning autobiography has some very clear weaknesses and some strengths as well.Write an e-mail to John, the student who wrote this learning autobiography, and give him some clear, concrete suggestions for improvement. In the same e-mail, tell John about the strengths you see in the autobiography and how he might be able to expand upon those strengths to make this document even better. Be sure to discuss the potential consequences of submitting work that does not demonstrate college-level writing and/or college level learning as part of your e-mail. Sample Learning Autobiography ReviewReview the below excerpt:From the time I went on my first call as a wheel chair driver till when I started my own online radio show, I knew that I wanted to either manage or run my own company. Most of my college level learning happened on the job and as I tried to run my own radio show. My first job I had taking passengers through Newark Airport at Huntley I learned how to work with all kind of people it is there I started to learn about supervisors and managers how they run things from a employee point of view. After I left the airport. I then went to work as a package handler at both UPS and Fed Ex then everything changed .They way that employees was managed trained, had to do one thing all day either loading or unloading trucks and very fast too. There are longer gaps due to my disability I am partly blind. I was not able to get jobs due to managers say that I am a liability even though people like me can work if we want to. There are places that will not keep an employee for long who have a disability. I have went to work at liberty science center as a non-paid program assistant did some speaking to guest explaining about exhibits that I was assigned to as I went in to work. I learned a lot about management t my internship at Disney world. There I talk to more guest working as a usher, that job changed what I wanted to do in my life. I knew if i wanted to get ahead in life wile still helping people I wanted to be self employed.So I went to produce public Access TV shows. First the Deshawn Smith show then training my friend Tyrese how to run his own showMy interest then went to radio so I started my own WBDM for Big Country playing all types of music. The online radio music and talk show now the Big D Zone now co stared by my wife, moreover we are trying to reach more fans or citizens of big d nation. I just started out as a notary public it is like being self employed but you paid by the laws of the state. With everything that I have learned I feel that I should my life experience should get me the classes the I need as I go for my first degree. I know how to use my speaking skills to not only entertain but to also to help me as I become self-employed. I also plan on using what I learned as I run for office for president and for other city state congress and so on. I am pursuing my AS in Business Administration as well as my BA. I want to use my management and training skills that I have gained through owning a online radio show in the business side of the station and show. There are other business ideals that I am thinking about entering. I already have a brand name. I am also a inventor, making a new product. Always looking for ways to make my own income to help make a better life for my family. I also decided to write a book about my life as someone looking for love being an intern going to the hospital even sharing one song Our Wedding day and a Gospel Poem You Are Not Alone. As part of my work I even let people write their own short story about themselves so that they too can be inspire to be a writer. I wanted to show my first book to use for English two class to showcase my writing, so that I can move on to my other classes so that I can get one step close to my degree I have been doing online radio off and on science 2007, hosting the a online radio show The Big Zone.

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