EL206-01 Unit 2 Discussion Post 2 and 3 Answers 2Bids 41Other questions 10,EL206-01 Unit 2 Discussion Post 2 and 3 Answers 2Bids 41Other questions 10

On two different paragraph give your personal opinion to  Dennis Clark and  James Jones James Jones Topic 1: One of the learning experiences that I would not include on my work resume but fit here on my expanded resume is my charitable work. My wife and I have volunteered in different charities in the Chicago land area such as Chicago Cares and Feed My Starving Children. We help prepare meals to be delivered to children in need. As part of volunteering our time with Chicago Cares we helped fix up old playgrounds to help them look new again. We have also volunteered through our church by giving clothes or shoes as well. These experiences are great for teaching teamwork among people that you are meeting for the very first time which happens every day in our working environments. An additional experience included a brief period of time working at a tele-pharmacy along with my full time employment. My responsibility was answering phone calls from nurses from smaller hospitals around the country by tagging orders for review by the pharmacists on staff. It amounted to an internship as it only lasted about 2 months. It was an opportunity for me to observe other aspects of pharmacy and healthcare.  Topic 2: A couple of the skills that I am working on as a part of my personal improvement are learning a second language and continuing education courses or CEs. As a pharmacy technician we are required to complete a minimum of twenty hours of continuing education courses every two years. At least one of those hours must include pharmacy law and one hour must be about patient safety. We’re required to submit these through a national website that tracks our progress to keep our certifications in good standing. In addition to these courses I am also attempting to learn Spanish. In the healthcare field it is beneficial to be fluent in other languages and I am hoping to learn Spanish to assist me in my career goals as well as in my personal life. Spanish is one of the most frequently spoken languages across the world and thus one of the most popular.  Dennis Clark Two of my learning experiences that I would not include on a work resume but would include on the expanded resume are: 1.) I recently had the honor of being a family escort at the National Fallen Firefighter Memorial in Emmitsburg, Maryland for my best friend and Captain on my fire department that had a cardiac arrest shortly following a training event. Here I learned a ton about the meaning of brotherhood, comradery and sense of belonging within the fire service. 2.) While growing up in New England I was very active in my local Boy Scout troop, where I earned the rank of Eagle Scout. Here I learned life skills such as knot tying, teamwork, fire building, cold weather survival skills just to name a few.Topic 2:Teamwork: From my time as a scout, fire service, EMS, and emergency management I found out very quick that teamwork is essential for the most efficient way to safely achieve a task.Parenting: Raising two kids teaches you conflict resolution, patience, multi tasking, and de-escalation techniques to name a few.The things I listed in each of these categories are skills that align with my degree in Fire Science because to be successful and a leader in the fire service you will need to have these qualities.

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