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This assignment is designed to provide you with a means for investigating how educators communicate with others.   Your paper must  include the following. Introduction  Introduce the research study   Describe how you conducted your research  Describe your participants All educators were interviewed in the classroom. I did not have to make an appointment it was a more like a walk in. Teacher 1(T1) was male his first year teaching and young age 25-30. (T2) Female Older 9 years teaching. (T3.) 3rd year teaching  female young age 20-25              Use the Communication Investigation (interviews) attachment below Findings  Discuss what you discovered from the interviews What themes did you find?  Use examples from the interviewsImplications Discuss the implications of your findings. How do your findings impact how educators should communicate? What advice would you give to teachers based on your investigation?  Use 12-point Times New Roman with standard margins. Be sure to follow the format  and answer each question completely. Use APA guidelines and proof your work correctly. A cover page is required.  Must be 4-5 pages.

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