econ Answers 1Bids 15Other questions 10,econ Answers 1Bids 15Other questions 10

Describe a Tesla problem and propose a solution (or solutions) to the problem by applying the concepts learned in this course.  Issues: •Not being able to meet demand of model 3 •Assembly issues •High employee turnover rate  Solutions:  •Temporarily put a stop to taking orders for the model 3 •Invest time in resolving biggest bottle neck- Assembly issues •Decrease long hours (12-hour shift), improve management, hire consultant to help address and resolve safety issues.  Provides a clear and complete description of the problem, and a detailed and precise explanation of the solution(s) that is based explicitly on what was learned in this course. Your writing should be concise and substantive. Limit to 500 words. if you can not do it please do not bid

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