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Each year, Business Week publishes information and rankings of master of business administration…

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 Each year, Business Week publishes information and rankings of master of business administration (MBA) programs. The data file MBA Analysis contains data on several variables for eight reputable MBA programs. The variables include pre– and post–MBA salary, percentage salary increase, undergraduate GPA, average Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) score, annual tuition, and expected annual student cost. Compute the mean and median for each of the variables in the database and write a short report that summarizes the data. Include any appropriate charts or graphs to assist in your report.


 Dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) memory chips are made from silicon wafers in manufacturing facilities through a very complex process called wafer fabs. The wafers are routed through the fab machines in an order that is referred to as a recipe. The wafers may go through the same machine several times as the chip is created. The data file DRAM Chips contains a sample of processing times, measured in fractionsof hours, at a particular machine center for one chip recipe.


 a. Compute the mean processing time.


b. Compute the median processing time.


c. Determine what the mode processing time is.


d. Calculate the 80th percentile for processing time.


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