Due Sunday By 7:30 pm Assignment: Activities 1-3Answers 2Bids 71Other questions 10,Due Sunday By 7:30 pm Assignment: Activities 1-3Answers 2Bids 71Other questions 10

First, select a brand or product that you’d like to represent this term.  You’ll be writing a digital marketing plan for that brand or product.  After selecting a brand or product, complete the templates below for your product or business that you are using for your marketing plan.  Please be thorough as you will use this in constructing your final marketing plan.  Any examples provided utilize the business, Once Upon a Child, as the Course Director for PDM (Tim O’Brien) manages a franchise of that store with his family. The format you encounter for the first three activities in Week One is repeated on all activities going forward within this course.  You will continue to work with the same brand or product throughout the course.  Activity OverviewsIn each assignment there are instructions on how to fill in the grid.  I use samples of Once Upon a Child to set a precedent of expectations.  Please use your own business/product that you are working with throughout the course to fill in the charts.  You can format the cells and charts to your liking.Activity 1This is the likely the easiest activity so don’t overthink it.  We just want to know who your brand is (how do people perceive you and how do you want them to perceive you).  Use a few key words to describe this. In addition I’d like to know the type of people that you want working on your digital marketing team.  What are their characteristics like?Activity 2Will help give you an understanding of the environment you are working with.  You can choose to do a SWOT Analysis or Porters 5 Forces whichever you prefer.  Please be thorough.  Activity 3We are looking at our customer targets and how we can reach them (touchpoints).  In the targets describe to me at least two key target markets for your brand.  Including things like age, gender, demographics and lifestyle characteristics.  When reviewing the touchpoints you can audit the brands existing media channels such as their website and social media pages.  Tell me what is good, what strengths and weakness they have and how they can improve.

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