due in 2hrsAnswers 1Bids 30Other questions 10,due in 2hrsAnswers 1Bids 30Other questions 10

Answer the following questions in short essay format and comment on other students’ answers.For this week’s discussion board, each student will post a theory of how conflict arises. Your initial post will include at least the following:  Definition of the theory Description of its practical applications Description of its limitations Description of its explanatory powerEach student must submit a theory that has not been posted. This means you must monitor all discussion boards and not duplicate a theory.The theories can come from the course text or from any empirical source. Non-empirical or non-peer reviewed references will not be accepted.Please post your theory to the appropriate topic category within the discussion board: Topic 1: Interpersonal Conflict Topic 2: Group Dynamics Topic 3: Systemic Issues or Macro Conflict Issues (i.e., organizational structure, cross culture conflict, conflict caused by imperialism, power on a macro scale, etc.)This is a conflict resolution course, and we are going to use this opportunity to engage in constructive conflict. The concern is not the resolution, but the process. You are required to post a minimum of two substantial response posts.  The substantial posts must include the following: A direct challenge to a peer’s initial post. The challenge can consist of: Explaining why the theory is weak and heavily limited Demonstrate that there is a better theory out there in the literature to explain the same phenomenon Illustrate how the theory does not apply in the real world Get creative in your challenges Empirical support and justification Do not simply say a post is bad. Articulate why it is bad or why the theory is not a good theory Even if you agree with the theory, play devil’s advocate and argue the other side! Provide an alternative solution Describe an alternative solution to explain the social phenomenon Class, this is the beauty of a theory! As long as you accurately describe what the theory is and explain it… I will be grading you on your ability to justify your arguments with empirical supportPost your answer(s) to the prompt Post to Week 1 discussion board within any of the three topics Your initial post must have a minimum of 250 words of substance in the body of the post (which does not include the question or the references) Empirical references are needed to achieve an “A” Initial post is due Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. ETPost your peer responses Reply posts are due Sunday at 11:59 p.m. ET Your substantial reply must be a minimum of 250 words (not including the question or the references) Empirical support is needed for an “A”Additional information Your posts should be ‘of substance’ and at least two paragraphs that address the topic Your initial post must have a minimum of 250 words of substance in the body of the post The written question and reference list are not included in the word count Use APA format for any quotations or citations you use to support your answer Only exceptional posts that utilize outside sources, refer back to the textbook or lecture material, engage in constructive dialogue, exceed minimum expectations, and show an in-depth understanding of the topic will receive 50 points; 45/50 is considered a very good grade

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