Due AsapAnswers 1Bids 41Other questions 10,Due AsapAnswers 1Bids 41Other questions 10

1. Find a non-scholarly web page not WEBSITE that relates to the research question “How does critical thinking help in the development of information literacy among youths?”  2. Apply the CRAAP test to your webpage source. see attachmenta. For each of the CRAAP criteria, start a new paragraph.b. In each paragraph, state which criterion you are addressing and evaluate the source based on that criterion.c. Provide specific examples to support your evaluation.3. Evaluate your source’s overall strength based on the elements of the CRAAP test. Is this source appropriate to use in answering to your research question, why or why not?4. Explain one thing you have learned from the process of doing this CRAAP test.5. Provide a properly formatted APA reference to the web page at the end of your initial post. 6. Must be at least 350 words and address all of the prompt’s elements.

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