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Each patient-provider encounter provides an opportunity to collect  data that is of clinical, financial, and managerial value. In this  Application, you will design a simple database. As you do this, keep in  mind that not all data fields are equal. A form that collects data for  high blood pressure should give an alert if the heart rate is too high.  Depending on the disease in question, one field could change the  treatment. Consider also, that subjective elements drive treatment in  many cases. The same heart rate could mean something different for an  older person versus a younger person. These subjective elements make it  difficult to design standard forms because you have to be conscious of  interactions of factors.To prepare for this Application, read Chapter 2, ‘Health Care Data’ from your course text, Health Care Information Systems: A Practical Approach for Health Care Management.Search the Internet for more information on how to ensure data quality, such as can be found at American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).By Day 4Explore the supplemental video, Electronic Medical Record.For this assignment, create a table that examines one  disease state, such as hypertension or diabetes. The table should  include at least 30 different data fields pertaining to the patient’s  demographics, financials, and disease. Fields might include general  information such as weight and height, and specific information to the  particular disease. You can use the Sample Form as a basis for creating your table.Keep in mind that not all data fields should be treated  the same and different data types can be entered for each field, such  as text, image, numerical, etc. Identify the data types for each field.In 1–2 paragraphs written in APA style, identify 3–4  specific alert and triggering mechanisms. These may be used in the event  that data of a time sensitive or clinically sensitive nature would be  entered, such as a very high heart rate or fraudulent insurance  identification number.In an additional 2–3 paragraphs, describe the 10  characteristics of data quality of the American Health Information  Management Association (AHIMA). Pick five of these characteristics and  describe what the consequences could be in the event of non-compliance  for the data fields that you chose for this assignment.

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