Discussion Question 1 and 2Answers 1Bids 30Other questions 10,Discussion Question 1 and 2Answers 1Bids 30Other questions 10

Discussion Question 1’Technology-Based Assessments’  Please respond to the following: Visit Rubistar’s Website, located at http://rubistar.4teachers.org/index.php, and view any of the rubrics on its site. Analyze the anatomy of a rubric in terms of its features, advantages, and limitations. Next, based on your professional or personal experience, defend or critique the use of rubrics as meaningful assessment. Discussion Question 2’Emerging Technologies for Instruction and Learning’  Please respond to the following: Predict the next new technology-based assessment. Point out two (2) attributes and / or features of this prospective new technology. Discuss fundamental differences between the proposed technology and those discussed within Chapter 10 of the Howland et al. text (i.e., electronic e-Portfolios, clicker technology, surveys, and computer adaptive testing [CAT]).

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