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What is Your Gender Identity?Did you hear about all of the hullabaloo after the 2013 VMA’s on MTV? If you’re like me, you probably didn’t watch it, but, nonetheless, you probably couldn’t avoid the tweets, Facebook posts, media and — yes — even other celebrities’ reactions to Miley Cyrus’ ‘twerking’ during her now notorious performance.Some people were making fun of her because of her tongue out, calling her a slut/whore/gross, and, generally, a negative-shock reaction to this 21-year-old’s show at what is always known as an over-the-top ‘awards’ show (and I use the term ‘awards’ loosely — ha).In stepping back from the ‘uproar’ that followed her performance — from an intellectual perspective — it was so interesting that the intense focus on MILEY’sbehavior — the female in the male-female performance — and that there was virtually noreaction to Robin Thicke, a man nearly old enough to be her father. There’s been much controversy about his ‘Blurred Lines’ song and whether (or not) it is somehow subtly promoting non-consensual sex — think of the tone and intent of the lyric ‘You know you want it’.Regardless of what one thinks of Thicke’s song (I admit, it’s catchy), I was most struck that the scrutiny and criticism of the performance was directed solely at the female (Miley Cyrus). Double standard? Or no?What do you think? Before you answer, take a look at this article for a male’s critical perspective. Read the whole thing — it’s not long. How to Talk with Your Sons about Robin ThickePost your thoughts/comments/reactions or further questions below. Include at least 4-5 sentences of thoughts, critical questions, or analysis of the above.

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