Discussion-2(CL)Answers 2Bids 55Other questions 10,Discussion-2(CL)Answers 2Bids 55Other questions 10

Module 2 Discussion ForumPlease assume you have the absolute power to control the internet and its content.1. On the discussion forum, please describe what you will do. Minimum posting 250 words.2. Respond to two classmates’ postings. Please play nice, but a little healthy debate never hurt anybody. Minimum 100 words per posting. Criterion                 Description                               Points possible ________________________________________________________   Content         Initial response addresses                            5                          question presented  _______________________________________________________Word Count           250 Words                                           5_____________________________________________________Response To    Participant responds to                             10Classmates            two classmates,                        and response furthers the discussion,                     (e.g., asks a question, provides further                     information or examples, or introduces                     a different opinion (10points/per posting).                  100 words minimum word count for reply post.             _____________________________________________________                         Total Points possible                               20Response to Soma Sundar: The Internet has turned out to be critical in human life nowadays, everything happening due to the web, typical normal human depending especially on web use.The Internet isn’t just greatly affecting everybody everyday life except its changing and now and then controlling them without knowing them. the includes what they see and the amusements they play. the greater part of the occasions I ponder the words I talk before my portable will show up when I open Facebook or Instagram promptly.The web is controlled by government associations, and as developing ubiquity and its need, they can just channel the issues are which are more vital to security rest, dealing with is exceptionally troublesome. numerous cybercrimes are going on, in creating nations with more uneducated individuals, they know how to utilize the cell phone and web and unfit to distinguish who is bona fide and who isn’t. (Klensin, 2003)On the off chance that I have a total capacity to control the web, first, I would slice the web access to those territories where fear-based oppressor association nations, where they are utilizing the web nowadays to pull in youthful more youthful age into their extreme psychological militant gatherings. I would mostly center around immature and creating nations, how having a web office can comprehend the constant issues. for instance, when I was a tyke there was no great school close to my place and no web, these days understudies are investing more energy in YouTube, to take in their interestsIn The End, on the off chance that I have the ability to control the web, I would center around primary zones where the web can just comprehend the issues, and I will control where its use isn’t essential.ReferencesKlensin, J., & Khare, R. (2003). U.S. Patent No. 6,564,327. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.Sahai, A., Machiraju, V., & Wurster, K. (2001). Monitoring and controlling internet-based e-services. In Internet Applications, 2001. WIAPP 2001. Proceedings. The Second IEEE Workshop on (pp. 41-48). IEEE.Response to Raviteja: The net has to turn out to be one of our everyday sports in our lifestyles. we can examine many new things as well as we can reach our family and pals who’re on the other aspect of the globe via it.  It acts as a medium for people to say their opinion share the statistics. We can also get entertainment via it and it has been performing thoroughly in e-commerce. Of direction, all this is simplest one facet of it.We also have destructive effects of the internet on humans. If I have been given a hazard to govern the net and the content material on it, first I would really like to dispose of all the nonsense and stick with the social standards and morals. we will get rid of fabric like• Bad politics and power associated content material and Political blogs and websites which unnecessary blame the government authorities for the use of websites• Websites that comprise hatred speech about a particular race or elegance of society and that promotes disparities in some of the human beings of the state.• Websites related to playing• Sites promoting criminal acts• Sites which can be affecting feelings of kids etc.In recent times, many websites are providing records of people to other businesses and add to other websites. protection for the statistics is also a notable hazard to the individual. If feasible, I will construct the security norms, phrases and conditions of the websites in extra unique way whilst signing up so that we will have extra transparency eventually, I would love to take away all the content material that has a bad impact on human beings and the content material that effects play with the emotions of kids.References:1.     Bartlett, J. Soon, the internet will be impossible to control. The Telegraph. Retrieved from http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet/11284538/Soon-the-internet-will-be-impossible-to-control.html2.     Edge.org. (Jan 24, 2018). Retrieved from https://www.edge.org/response-detail/23813

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