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http://extmedia.kaplan.edu/artsSCi/HN330/HN330_1802A/HN330_U6_Supplemental_Information.pdfhttps://kapextmediassl-a.akamaihd.net/artsSCi/HN330_1204A/Tammys_Story_Transcript.pdf Then, complete each section of the Unit 9 Assignment Template, thoroughly using all of the relevant information based on all of your work with Bo and all that you have learned throughout this course. Be sure to use a strengths-based perspective and Bo’s own words where appropriate. Use the information below to help you complete your Discharge Form: Introduction paragraph should include a brief summary of final interview with Bo, including at least two questions used with Bo during the final interview. For the purpose of this assignment, Bo and his family have moved. This is noted for you in the “reason for discharge” section. Presenting situation at admission should match information entered on Unit 6 Assessment form. List three of the goals that you created with Bo in Unit 7. Discuss Bo’s progress towards his goals. For each goal listed, state whether the goal was achieved, or if the goal was not achieved, state the plan for discharge. Summary and recommendation should be supportive, ethical, culturally sensitive, and reflect an ecological framework. Client should be made to feel reassured and supported during termination. Sign and date the form appropriately by typing your name, Bo’s name and Tammy’s name, since Bo is a minor and the date completed at the end of the Discharge Summary.Last, create a PowerPoint presentation that will briefly summarize your discharge plan for the new case manager who will be taking over Bo’s case. In at least two slides, briefly outline Bo’s current goals, his progress on those goals and your closing summary and recommendation. You must include an audio recording (see directions) of yourself explaining to the new case manager the information that you choose to include on the PowerPoint slides. APA style citation should be used in the body of the PowerPoint and a full source reference should be included on the final slide. APA style citation should be accurate throughout PowerPoint.

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