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a description of the type of at least two pieces of evidence that you believe may play an significant part in solving the Robin Hood Hills Murders. Then explain how the forensic evidence would be tested in a lab. Finally, describe how you would proceed with the investigation after the evidence at the crime scene was collected.  What is your theory of what happened? Include the type of evidence that you selected in the first line of your postForensic scientists look for answers to questions about evidence collected at crime scenes. First, criminal investigators gather the evidence, sometimes assisted by forensic investigators. Then, forensic scientists test the evidence in the crime lab. Crime lab capabilities vary from lab to lab. Many labs specialize in specific types of evidence, so investigators need to be knowledgeable about various labs’ capabilities. While modern television dramas suggest that forensic processing is effective and efficient, critics (including the authors of the course text) argue that they are not. Investigation professionals lack enough information about the specific capabilities of various crime labs. Additionally, there is a general unfamiliarity with the types of forensic testing available and the process for collecting sufficient physical evidence. Evidence backlogs and a lack of local laboratories also create barriers to providing sufficient evidence.  forensic science is about the examination, evaluation, and explanation of physical evidence in law. Spectrometry, microscopy, and chromatography are a few of the many tools available to forensic scientists to help them examine, evaluate, and explain evidence. In this assignment, you describe how a specific type of forensic evidence may be tested in a crime lab and how this testing might advance an investigation.

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