Data Mining ProcessAnswers 1Bids 38Other questions 10,Data Mining ProcessAnswers 1Bids 38Other questions 10

You work for a hypothetical university as a senior data analyst and you understand the university and all other types of organizations and businesses have many various forms of operations where data is captured and then stored in databases. At present, the university is collecting massive amounts of data even to the point where it is becoming too difficult to keep up limiting the ability to interpret and analyze the data. Consequently, the university has approved the IT department to hire additional entry level data analyst to help manage and analyze this data. The senior director of the IT department knows you have extensive experience in areas of data analytics and associated areas of data mining and wants you to prepare a literature review on the general data mining process based upon the Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining (CRISP-DM). The literature review will be presented to incoming entry point data analyst as a training or review document.  The literature review needs to be a minimum of three body pages of written content not including illustrations and supported with three academic sources of research.  Furthermore, the literature review needs to be professionally formatted using APA including an APA cover page, abstract, body pages, and reference page. Since the data mining process is based upon sequential steps, creating an illustration of this process would nicely fit within this literature review. Drawing tools or smart art in Microsoft Word can be used and when preparing these types of illustrations, be original in your thinking meaning there is some flexibility where you can present a process about data mining based upon what you see as best for the process.  In other words, remember that your original ideas are important even when these assignments require academic research.APA cover page- 1, page Abstract – 1 page, Address data mining process based upon the cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining with three academic sources of research – 3 pages, Illustration/visualtions with support content – 1 page,  Complete reference page with APA formatting – 1 page

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