Criminal Justice responseAnswers 1Bids 47Other questions 10,Criminal Justice responseAnswers 1Bids 47Other questions 10

Max Weber’s bureaucratic theory on bureaucracy is the basis for the systematic formation of any organization and is designed to ensure efficiency and economic effectiveness. It is an ideal model for management and its administration to bring an organizations power structure into focus.  While reading over this week’s forum discussion about criminal justice agencies that most closely align with the bureaucratic management style, I couldn’t help but think about the role that hierarchy of authority, Division of Labor, and Written Rules play in most agencies. Not only did Hierarchy of authority stick out the most to me probably because of my military background and understanding the ranking structure in it but also because it can be seen almost everywhere in law enforcement and even correction agencies there is always that standard ranking system. That ranking system is kind of like pyramid of sorts that helps dissect your roles and positions in the agencies. Agencies usually consist of a few sergeants that rank above your standard officers. The sergeants will issue out taskings and jobs to the lower ranking officers that are to be carried out.The second style I wanted to talk about was division of labor. The division of labor deals with the overall performance of functions that are made up of multiple sections inside of an organization. Division of labor helps split up the work load so not just one person is slammed with all the work splitting up the work load will also help out so there’s not a single point of failure.  A good example of this is in any police precinct. Each officer or squad is assigned a different tasking for example dividing up certain sections of the city for the officers to patrol or watching certain high ways.The third and final style I’m going to talk about is written rules. Written rules stuck out to me again because of my military background and how I have to follow the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Written rules can be found in any police agency. They are just recorded written down rules, policies, procedures, decisions, and administrative acts. While being on duty you are required to not only know and follow these written rules but also enforce them.I need you to read that and write a response back in 150 words apa style In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the unique characteristics they have identified. If you agree with the classmate’s assessment of the characteristics, elaborate more on the unique aspects of these characteristics and how they align criminal justice agencies to the bureaucratic management style. If you disagree, respectfully highlight the points that you feel are incorrect, being sure to support the opposing position that you are taking.

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