Criminal Justice responseAnswers 1Bids 40Other questions 10,Criminal Justice responseAnswers 1Bids 40Other questions 10

The characteristic associated with specialization within the criminal justice system involves a division of labor. This requires that various functions within each job are earned by those that have the experience and knowledge to carry them out. Skills are imperative in this situation, as it allows for specialties in abilities and education to be highlighted among those who are skilled in the subject or processes. The idea that supports a division of labor among any institution or group, is not a new one. Various species have utilized this method since the beginning of time. Ethnicity, social class, and specialized occupations have all benefited from supporting and influencing a division of labor (Boyd, et. al, 2008).Formal rules and procedures are the most obvious characteristics that bureaucracy, in general, shares with the criminal justice system. There are rules and procedures that must be the same for everyone involved. All decisions, regulations, and rules come from this area, and helps to protect both the citizens and the institution in various ways. Having a set of principles that are publicly known and followed allows for equal enforcement, independence of various agencies, and an understanding that complies with basic human rights (Overview – Rule). The most important part of having these formal rules and procedures is the expectation that they will be followed and carried out in a consistent and just manner for all involved.The last characteristic that supports a bureaucratic way of operating within the criminal justice system, highlights one’s expertise. Being well trained in your duties is an invaluable feature that supports both rank and efficiency. Expertise is encouraged and means that someone took the time to gain specified knowledge and training that makes them more qualified for a position. This unique characteristic supports the entire bureaucratic alignment that offers merit based on knowledge and/or experience alike – which can both highlight expertise. To have sufficient knowledge means that a person is more aware, has a greater understanding of content or information, can isolate details, supports flexibility, and is well disciplined in their area. These characteristics all reinforce one’s expertise within a position (How, 2000).I need you to read that a write a response back in 150 words In your response posts to classmates, evaluate the unique characteristics they have identified. If you agree with the classmate’s assessment of the characteristics, elaborate more on the unique aspects of these characteristics and how they align criminal justice agencies to the bureaucratic management style. If you disagree, respectfully highlight the points that you feel are incorrect, being sure to support the opposing position that you are taking.

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