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Imagine that you, as the department manager of your chosen functional area, received a memo from Mary Atha, the CEO, for you to share with your employees. Unfortunately, the memo is primarily written in passive voice and uses corporate-speak, and the language is quite complex. Because you cannot simply revise the CEO’s memo, you determine that a cover letter should accompany the memo, which in effect translates the memo for your employees.Follow these steps to complete this assignment:· Download the document Memo: Doubling Sales from the Resources. Read the memo and determine how you will summarize it in your cover letter.· After evaluating the role of a manger, prepare a cover letter that will presumably be attached to the CEO memo. The cover letter should reflect these qualities: o Summarize the main points of the memo, highlighting and reiterating key points of the CEO memo.o Reflect a writing level that is appropriate to your readers. Keep in mind these two factors: your readers are the employees of your functional area that you manage, and the appropriate reading difficulty level is between sixth- and eighth-grade reading levels.o Use active voice.o Be clear and concise. Keep the total length within one page.o Contain a well-crafted message, reflecting a style that promotes trust and builds collaboration.· Prepare your cover letter as a new memo. Your cover letter should have your name in the From: field and also an appropriate Re: subject title.· List the resources that you used in helping to prepare this assignment. Include these resources on a separate page and format them according to APA style and formatting guidelines.   ?#

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