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Overview: Find out what someone in class did for their summer or winter vacation . Then write a comparison OR contrast paragraph citing specific similarities or differences between your breaks.Instructions:First, each student should write 300 words about their summer, spring, or winter break and post it here BY Friday March 8th.Look through the posts. Decide whether you would like to compare or contrast your own summer break to your partner’s. (ONE PARTNER)Formulate a topic sentence that shows three areas of similarity or difference. NOT BOTH Then write a short paragraph (300 words) comparing or contrasting your break.This is a rare post where first person is allowed.This is also an assignment where you can use pictures to illustrate your points.  I encourage you to use vacation pictures as support in your final post.Ex. Topic SentenceJohn and I had very different experiences during summer vacation from the point of view of travel, free-time and romance.The basic requirements of this assignment:InteractChoose comparison or contrastPost ONE paragraph showing three points of similarity or differencePost the final paragraph under the title RANDY’S (your name here) FINAL COMPARISON POSTAdditional information: the initial post on your summer vacation should be at least 300 words long and your final post should be 300 words too.You can use pictures as support if you’d like.

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