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Company research is vital to understanding the dynamics of each business.Researching employers is one of the best ways to become a top candidate during the hiring process. By investigating potential employers, you’ll discover details about the employer that will better prepare you for any interview. Company research is the best way to learn about what the company does and what they look for in a candidate.For this assignment, I need the following components completed on 10 companies that you saw during the STEM Job Fair and/or the guest speakers who will be participating with us in the ITEC 301 classroom. (NOTE:  If needed… you can also use other specific companies that are not part of the job fair or guest speakers list if you have other outside interests)COMPONENTS FOR ASSIGNMENT:1. Key Players of the Organization (President, CEO, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, etc.)2. Company Mission, Values, and Culture3. Location of Headquarters and other primary offices4. Products and Services Offered5. Recent News and Updates (Information in Press Releases and Special Events)6. Skills and Experiences Recommended for Qualified Candidates (Career Page on Company Website)7.  Inside Scoop (Comparable salaries, job functions and duties, hiring process, etc.)8.  Other Information (Glass Door Web Site)Examples of Companies Include: BMW Manufacturing Co. Blue Cross / Blue Shield Capgemini Fluor Corporation ScanSource Mindtree Sealed Air SCANA Boeing IBM VC3

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