Company name Apple Inc:Answers 1Bids 67Other questions 10,Company name Apple Inc:Answers 1Bids 67Other questions 10

The aim of this assignment is to provide students the opportunity to perform a thorough case analysis. Select your company and get approval from your course professor before working on it. The case analysis should include the following elements:Title PageExecutive SummaryBackground  Introduce      the company and provide the reader with background information about the      company.Situation Analysis  The Environment – PESTLE Analysis Political environment Economic environment Social environment Technological environment Legal/Regulatory environment Environmental environment The Industry – Porter’s Five Forces Analysis Bargaining power of suppliers Threat of new entrant Rivalry among existing competitors Bargaining power of competitors Threat of substitutes The Firm  What is the mission and vision of the firm? What are the strengths of the firm? What is the firm’s financial condition? What are       the constraints and weaknesses of the firm (i.e. financial condition,       organizational conflict)? What is the       management philosophy?  What does       the organizational structure tell you about how decisions are made? The Product What good       and/or service does the organization offer?  What       consumer need does the product solve? What       promotional mix, channels of distribution, and pricing strategies are being       used by the organization? What competitive advantage does the       marketing strategy offer?   SWOT Analysis  Strengths  Identify strengths of the organization and       answer the following questions: How does        this strength affect the operations of the organization? How does this strength assist the company        in meeting the needs of its target market(s)? Weaknesses  Identify weaknesses of the organization and       answer the following questions: How does this weakness affect the        operations of the organization? How does        knowledge of this weakness assist the organization in meeting the needs        of its target market(s)? Opportunities  Identify       opportunities in the industry (and/or external environment) and answer       the following questions: How is        this opportunity related to serving the needs of our target market? What        actions must the organization take to capitalize on this opportunity? Threats  Identify       threats in the industry (and/or external environment) and answer the       following questions: How is this threat related to serving the        needs of our target market? What        actions must the organization take to prevent this threat from limiting        the capabilities of the organization? Problem Statement  What is the      primary problem in the case? Secondary problems? What are the ramifications of these problems in      the long run? Short run? Include quantitative and qualitative      analysis in your response.Strategic Plan Based on the problem      identified, develop a 5-year strategic plan for the company. This plan should include:1. Clear vision, mission statement and core values2. SMART objectives to solve the problem3. Corresponding strategies for the objectives identified4. Implementation plan5. Key Performance Indicators to monitor progressSummary Conclude the paper      with a summary of the major points.ReferencesAs groups prepare the project, please attend to the following additional guidelines:· Length: 30 pages (double-spaced)· Sources: 15 scholarly sources and 15 sources of business data· Format: APA Proofread the document carefully before submission at the end of the bi-term.

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