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Project 2 – Programming – Examining a Data SetWhen manufacturing a product, we often need to evaluate test results on our manufactured product.  For this project, you will evaluate a data set comprised of 100 different resistor values.  The nominal (i.e. expected) resistance of the resistors is 100 Ohms.  The tolerance is 5%.  So the “Upper Spec Limit” (USL) is 105 Ohms, and the “Lower Spec Limit” (LSL) is 95 Ohms.  Your task is to evaluate the resistor values, which are stored in a text file (the input file), and output the results of the evaluation into another text file (the output file).  1) Using all the resistor values, output the average (mean) value for all of the resistors.2) State which resistors are above the USL, and which resistors are below the LSL.  Example output:  “Resistor 7 has a resistance of 94.6 Ohms, which is below the Lower Spec Limit (LSL)”.3) Compute the average value of each 5 resistor set:  Calculate the average resistor values for resistors 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, etc.  Output to the file which sets of resistors fall below the LSL or above the USL.4) Extra Credit:  Compute a running average of 5 resistor blocks.  Average of resistors 1-5, 2-6, 3-7, etc.NOTES:1) The data in the output file should be understood by anybody reading the file.2) Your program should work on a list of resistor values of any length.  Your program should not be “hard-coded” to expect a set of 100 resistors.3) Your code should utilize WHILE Loops and IF/THEN logic to control what is output to the file.4) A good tutorial for Python can be found here: recommend you do Chapters 0, 1, 2, 8.  You may need to look at other sections as well.Chapter 8 – Do only these sections-Reading and Writing Files-Files and File Paths- Backslash on Windows and Forward Slash on OS X and Linux-The File Reading/Writing Process-Reading the Contents of Files-Writing to Files

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