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Case THE REGULATORY INFLUENCE ON YOUR BANKING COMPANY In Chapter 2, we focus on the regulations…

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In Chapter 2, we focus on the regulations that created and empowered today’s regulators and that govern how and where financial institutions may operate and on what those operations may entail. For this segment of your case analysis we will add information to the Excel spread sheet created in assignment 1, using some of the terminology from the regulations discussed in this chapter and becoming familiar with the FDIC’s Web site.

A. Go to the FDIC’s Institution Directory at idasp/ and search for your BHC using the RSSD number (also called the BHC ID #) obtained in Assignment 1. After clicking the “Find” button you will see data for your BHC. Make sure you utilize the pull-down menu to select the most recent year-end information. From this Web page collect data on combined total assets and add it to your Excel spreadsheet as illustrated. The information found at the FDIC site when labeled as BHC information is the aggregate of all FDIC-insured bank and thrift subsidiaries. The FDIC collects information only for the FDIC-insured institutions and does not provide information for the subsidiaries R E A L N U M B E R S F O R R E A L B A N K S Continuing Case Assignment for Chapter 2 and affiliates that are neither banks nor thrifts. With the information you have collected use your Excel formula functions to compute the percentage of your holding company assets held at FDIC-insured institutions.

B. After collecting data for the BHC, explore the information provided for bank and thrift subsidiaries. Enter the information identified in the illustrated Excel worksheet. Click on the “Cert” links to find the information about bank charter class and primary federal regulator. Then from the Institution page accessed using the “Cert” link click on the “Current List of Offices” to gather the remaining information. Your collected information should be entered into your Excel spreadsheet as shown below (once again, the illustration is for BB&T of Winston-Salem, North Carolina using December 31, 2007 data):

What have we accomplished? We have begun to organize information and become familiar with the FDIC’s Web site. (Make sure that you provide an appropriate title for the spreadsheet and label the columns.) In Chapter 3 we will be focusing on organization and structure, and you will be able to relate your banking company to the industry as a whole. (We always have something to look forward to!)

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