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You will be expected to find a healthcare accounting topic of your choice and put together a Powerpoint presentation (12 slides minimum) on the topic. Please use the rubric to make sure that you submit a quality product. Please submit at least 5 references at the end of your presentation and you can use whatever format that you desire, but APA format is preferred.  Case Studies Written Communication RubricExcellent = 20; Proficient = 15; Competent = 10; Deficient = 5; Not Acceptable = 1 1) Presentation   _____ a. The purpose and focus are clear and consistent.b. The main claim is clear, significant, and challenging.c. Organization is purposeful, effective, and appropriate.d. Sentence form and word choice are varied and appropriate.e. Punctuation, grammar, spelling, and mechanics are appropriate.2) Content  _____a. Information and evidence are accurate, appropriate, and integrated effectively.b. Claims and ideas are supported and elaborated.c. Alternative perspectives are carefully considered and represented.d. PPT slides effectively communicated information, without distractions. 3) Thinking  _____a. Connections between and among ideas are made.b. Analysis/synthesis/evaluation/interpretation are effective and consistent.c. Independent thinking is evident.4) References Provided (15 points max)  ____Evaluation and Total Score for Written Submission of the Project ____75 max ???? Excellent; 60-70 = Proficient; 45-60 = Competent; Less than 45 = DeficientComments:

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