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Carter Cleaning Company: The New Training Program The Carter Cleaning Centers currently have no…

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Carter Cleaning Company: The New Training Program The Carter Cleaning Centers currently have no formal at least give us a few orientation or training policies or procedures, and Jenni While we are certain fer believes this is one reason why the standards to which they earn, we find th: she and her father would like employees to adhere are less likely to just walk generally not followed. show up Monday mo The Carters would prefer that certain practices and their pay from the pre- procedures be used in dealing with the customers at the give us a few days’ not front counters. For example, all customers should be There are other ma greeted with what Jack refers to as a “big hello.” Gar ing orientation and trai ments they drop off should immediately be inspected for company policy regard any damage or unusual stains so these can be brought to absences, health bener the customer’s attention, lest the customer later return workers’ compensatio to pick up the garment and erroneously blame the store. smoking on the job (bo The garments are then supposed to be immediately ters like the maintenanc placed together in a nylon sack to separate them from personal appearance an other customers’ garments.V vitalsource bookshelf: fundamentals of hr in action case incident 2 carter cleaning company: the new training program the c

Jennifer thinks the company has had problems because of a lack of adequate employee training and orientation. for example, tw

al 21- ch re chapter nd he be for at least give us a few days notice before quitting on us. while we are certainly obligated

1. orientation (6 points) specifically what should the carters cover in their new employee orientation program and how should

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