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Based on the scenario provided below, write a well-organized essay (2,000 words, APA-compliant) essay conforming to the following requirements. The first page should be your title page; the last page is your bibliography of sources. You should have at least six references including your text and the Bible. The other sources should include at least two journal articles from Belhaven University Christian College library online research. Devote no more than one well-developed introductory paragraph (four to six sentences) to summarizing the facts of the case as provided above. Select nine topics (i.e., Christian Manager as Ethical Decision Maker, Christian Manager as Ethical Planner) from Chapters 5-21 of our text Ethical Business – Sunday Ethic, Monday World. There are 16 topics; you do not need to discuss each, but select nine which you feel most applicable to this case. Demonstrate your understanding of these nine focus topics by applying them to the facts of the case.  Your final section should be a well-organized and thoughtful Christian worldview. This section should be 200 words. Described in detail how a Christian worldview can be applied in business ethics. When you cite Scriptures, remind your reader who he speaker was and who the audience was. If your Christian worldview has changed or developed during this course, include and explain. The assignment must be in APA format and the book is Business Ethics Sunday Ethic – Monday World Second Edition by Batson & Neff

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