Business Ethics homework 3 questions with in text citations neededAnswers 1Bids 49Other questions 10,Business Ethics homework 3 questions with in text citations neededAnswers 1Bids 49Other questions 10

****PLEASE USE REFERENCES AND IN TEXT CITATIONS AND REFERENCES (APA FORMAT) FROM THE COURSE MATERIAL PROVIDED BELOW TO ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS. ALL REFERENCES CAN BE GOOGLED.****Nerdcomp, a manufacturer of sophisticated computer parts, recently moved the operations of one of its divisions to Malaysia.  The Company has hired several hundred workers at wages considerably below their U.S. counterparts, but consistent with the prevailing wages in Malaysia. Not only is the Company benefiting from the lower wages, it is also able to reduce its costs further because of the deplorable factories used for its operations (no air conditioning and poor ventilation), it can dispose of waste without any government oversight, and government inspectors are routinely given gratuities for favorable inspection reports or to otherwise grease the skids for the Company.  The Company’s operations are in all key respects in accordance with the laws of Malaysia.You were recently hired as a senior vice-president in charge of the Malaysian operations and you are concerned about what you have seen and heard as to how the plants are being operated.  When you called a colleague in the states, he said to you “keep your mouth shut and when in Rome do as the Romans do”.The colleague ascribes to a cultural relativist point of view.  When in Malaysia, do as the Malaysians do.  But a proponent of virtue ethics would reject this view.****Please provide substantive responses to each question with in text citations and references from course material to support answers!!!****· Is it acceptable to acknowledge these cultural differences in moral practices and still hold them to be morally wrong?  · If we do that, do we continue to “do as the Romans do”?  · Is this type of operation sustainable?COURSE MATERIAL TO BE USED FOR IN TEXT CITIATIONS AND REFERENCESTheme 1: What is Ethics?Read/View:· The Business Ethics Workshop (2012) Washington, DC: The Saylor FoundationChapter 1: What Is Business Ethics? (pages 4-32)· Ethical Issues, Ethical Dilemmas, & Legal IssuesTheme 2: Why Ethics Matters? · Culture: The Key to Corporate Governance· Corporate culture: The second ingredient in a world-class ethics and compliance program· The Firm’s StakeholdersTheme 1: Global Business Ethics  Global Business EthicsAllon, J. (2013, November 20). Labor activist exposes the horrors in the global supply chain for some of your favorite products – his solution might surprise you. Alternet· (Make sure to watch video in article:  Auret van Heerden, Making Global Labor Fair)Theme 2: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act  · US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Summary· US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) Full Text· The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: An OverviewSub Theme 1:  Operating in China· The Ten Principles For Doing Business In China· A Pocket Guide to Doing Business in China· The Compromises That Companies Make to Do Business in ChinaSub Theme 2:  Operating in India· Doing Business in India· How To Do Business In India· 20 Essential Tips for Doing Business with IndiaSub Theme 3:  Operating in Latin America· Doing Business in Latin America· What are the top risks to doing business in Latin America?· Doing Business in Latin America HandbookSub Theme 4:  Operating in Russia· Comparing Business Ethics in Russia to the US· Navigating the Complexities of Doing Business in Russia· Overseas Business Risk – RussiaSub Theme 5:  Operating in Africa· 16 Challenges of Doing Business in Africa… Oh Man!· Irwin, J. (2011). Doing business in South Africa: An overview of ethical aspects. Institute of Business Ethics.· Business in Africa: The risks, rewards And challenges· Role of Government in Regulating Business Ethics· The Ethics of Redistribution.

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