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This is a 2-part assignment!!!!  1) Read the assignment and write an initial reaction post answering the prompted questions with a 200-word minimum post.These posts should be typed directly into Moodle-use your textbook or another academic reference to support your answer. You will analyze and apply the text to your post using three key terms from the chapters and bold each key term.1.         Think of a job you have had or now have. Did you feel that the employer invaded your right to privacy in any way? Discuss. Did the employer have a policy, explicit or implicit, with regard to right of privacy?2.         Think of the job you now have or a job you formerly had. Discuss both the favorable and unfavorable QWL characteristics contained in it.2) Read and respond to initial post below. In your reaction post, make sure you discuss how they have addressed key terms from the chapter, with a comparison of your initial post and key terms that you addressed. Your response should include at least 150 Fabian Proesch1.Every summer, I work as a seasonal worker in my city. I never felt like my privacy was invaded. Even though my boss knows my father, they would never discuss me or how I performed in my job. All information I gained on the job was confidential, and the same applied for my personal information towards my boss. I never used a computer at work, but some of the guys in higher positions did. I never heard anything about their privacy being invaded. When using the company computers, they were logged into their own accounts. I drove a company car without a tracker and never felt like I was being watched over at work.2. QWL refers to the favorableness or unfavorableness of a total job environment for people.1 In my job, I always felt like someone cared about me. My boss and I communicated very well, and he would ask me how I was doing at work. He was also very understanding, seeing that I play soccer and sometimes can´t come in to work on Fridays. I was rewarded for my work, and my work had job depth, which gave me more control over my own tasks. However, other than my assigned tasks I did not participate a lot in decision making. Overall, my QWL was very good. I was intrinsically motivated, I communicated well with my boss and colleagues, I was responsible for managing my time on my own and I was rewarded for my work.

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