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I will be attaching the spreadsheet where you will get the information to complete this assignment. You will have 20 takeaways (5 KPIs x 4 Regions). One of the important questions is: How does slicing the aggregate data into regions provide additional insight into CrushIt’s performance. How does this regional data help us to better understand the previous topline results that you reported on?Next  it is now time to decide what is the best data visualization tool to use to tell your story. Which graph/chart from Excel is most appropriate to communicate your results. These charts/graphs are what you will be sharing & discussing in your video. ( please create the chart or graph which every you choose)Please prepare a script for a video which I will present. You want to share your takeaways from your analysis of each KPI by region. Be concise and clear. Explain to your audience what has happened and why it is important. And what do you want them to know or do with this information. What is the call to action?

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