Businees & Professional CommunicationAnswers 1Bids 64Other questions 10,Businees & Professional CommunicationAnswers 1Bids 64Other questions 10

This is a 2-part assignment that assesses your understanding of the process of communication within an organization of your choice (Part 1 is due this week, part 2 is due next week). Think about your own experiences in a professional organization (if you have no professional experience, you may consider a hypothetical scenario as well). Identify three communication challenges within your organization, and propose solutions to each of the challenges, grounding these solutions in business communication concepts you are learning in this class.This week your assignment is Part 1 of the project. For this step you will write an appropriate email message to your supervisor (an upward communication example of an audience-centered message) introducing the reason for the project and outlining three challenges you identified and three recommendations you will present in your PPT presentation (due next week).Your email message must be written using professional language and should include the following elements: An appropriate salutation (e.g., title designation of the receiver). A clear purpose of the project that focuses on the information needs of the receiver. Three identified challenges (based on the readings from your readings this week). Three recommendations (one for each) to overcome these challenges. An appropriate signature line (e.g., your title in the company). Strong professional language with no writing or grammatical errors.Next week you will create a Power Point Presentation (PPT) that explains the three communication challenges within the organization, and recommends strategies/changes needed to overcome these challenges (Part 2) using business and professional communication concepts learned.

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