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In the New Shoes simulation you will be marketing to three different target markets (home, domestic, and foreign). It becomes important to understand the consumer psychological and cultural profile for each market. Create a PowerPoint presentation to present to the marketing team of your New Shoes company to present a profile for your New Shoes consumer for the domestic and foreign markets using the criteria below. When Creating your Cultural Profile include the following elements: Cultural Types  Subculture Social class Communication (verbal and non verbal) that can impact the Marketing process Social ( networks, family, roles and status) Personal (age and life cycle stage, occupation, economics, lifestyle, personality) When Creating Your Psychological Profile include the following elements: Consumer Perception of the product/service Why do consumers purchase this particular product/service? (motivation) What are your consumers’ needs, wants, desires, and fears? What are your consumers’ beliefs and values that may influence the purchase? Your PowerPoint presentation should be at least 8 slides in length (not including the Title page and Reference page). Ensure that your sources are properly cited using APA formatted guidelines and include professional graphics. An example of a successful reference slide with several web pages and an academic journal article is linked below.You may also use the required and supplementary resources from this unit.Assignment Parameters Accurate description and reference of all concepts and theories learned from course material. Practical examples of concepts that lead to continuing interest in the topic. Synthesis of concepts and theories from other course activities. Well-organized, clearly presented work ( free from excessive spelling and grammatical errors) Properly cited sources using APA 6th edition. Ensure use of the assignment rubric.Assignment Objectives Examine how psychological as well as cultural factors influence consumer buying behavior. Apply these factors when creating a marketing strategy for a product or service.

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