Assignments Answers 1Bids 39Other questions 10,Assignments Answers 1Bids 39Other questions 10

Assignment 1 Topics:   Sexual Dysfunction, Gender Dysphoria, and Paraphilic Disorders  View the posted videos, read your text and the DSM 5 and respond to each of the following: (DUE by Saturday at 11:59 PM)1.   What topic this week was most intriguing to you?  Briefly discuss.2.   Was there a topic this week that made you uneasy?  Briefly discuss.3.   What is the thing you learned this week that impacted you most?  Briefly discuss.’t forget to cite and source!Assignment 2The assignment is upload please follow instructions (Psychopathology Fact sheet)Assignment 3The assignment is upload please follow instructions (A Car Wreck)

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