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Assignment PROMPT 1: DQDUE DATE: March 6th tonight (23:30 EST)!!PROMPT: REQUIREMENTS:An appropriate-length response to the Forum questions should be between 400 and 500 words  and should include a minimum of three scholarly or professional sources per question in order to receive full points. Students are encouraged to review the articles, etc. used by fellow students. Students are cautioned to follow APA guidelines to receive full points. Assignment should meet professional standards in content, punctuation/writing style and APA guidelines for citation of sources and should run approximately 400-500 words.Several criteria must be met in order to receive full credit: – They relate directly to the assigned topic and contribute new information to build our understanding of the concepts. – They develop the point with examples and appropriately documented research, exhibit sound research skills employing various tools and library resources such as surveys, Internet, databases,. Wikipedia is not a valid source.- They contain original thought- synthesizing information. Do not simply copy material from another source. – They are written clearly and correctly and follow proper APA citation rules with a minimum of 3 professional business or peer-reviewed sources other than the text.

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