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World of Gestures1) Gestures create the potential for strong cultural conflicts and misunderstandings. Many gestures have one meaning in one culture and a completely different meaning in another culture.’ Identify 3 U.S. gestures that have a different meaning in another culture. Describe the gesture, give the American meaning, state the other culture it is used in, and the meaning in that culture.2)The GlobePlease check to see if the Image(s) you are being asked to review has a title. If there is a title, then I expect you to click on the title and read the corresponding document about the image and phrase your answer in a way that demonstrates your comprehension of this document as it relates to the theory in the text.Go to The Globe. Locate the Country of Vietnam (in Asia). Take a look at the photographs. The text discusses Appearance and Attire as a category of nonverbal communication. One of the items listed in this category is clothing. · What is the traditional dress of Vietnam? Explain briefly what the link says about it. school day ended. Tired, Miss Larson took her classroom problems home with her and shared her concerns with friends at an informal cocktail party and her frustration over teaching English in the Ethiopian government school. ‘For three years, I’ve tired to get those dear little girls to behave like normal human beings, to have some pride, to hold up their heads, look me in the face, and answer a question in a voice I can hear without straining. They’re so bright; they learn as fast as the children back home, but they’re hopeless, absolutely hopeless. They just can’t seem to learn to behave with human dignity. For all the good I’ve done here, I might as well have stayed home in Iowa and taught there.’The school day ended. Kebedetch walked swiftly home. She felt brave. Entering the gojo (small house or hut), Kebedetch was greeted warmly. Father asked the usual, daily question: ‘What did you learn today?’ Kebedetch threw back her head, looked her father in the eye, and proclaimed in a loud, clear voice, ‘Ethiopia is composed of twelve provinces plus the Federated State of Eritrea&’Momma and Poppa talked late that night about what had happened to Kebedetch. She was no longer behaving as a normal human being.’Did you notice that she threw back her head like a man?’ asked Poppa, ‘What has happened to her shyness, which is the best quality she could have as a woman?”And her voice,’ added Momma, ‘How happy I am that our parents were not present to hear a daughter of ours speak with the voice of a foreigner.’She showed no modesty. If she were normal, she would be ashamed to raise her head like that, being a girl-child, and to speak so loud as that,’ Poppa added.’Kebedetch has learned so much, ‘said Momma, ‘She knows more than I, and this has given me great joy. But if her learning’s are making her a strange, ungentle, beastlike person, I do not want her to learn more; she is my only daughter.’Poppa pondered. Finally he shook his head and spoke. ‘You are right, Mebrat, our daughter must not return to school. The new education is not good, but only the strongest can survive. I had hoped Kebedetch could learn and remain normal and gentle; she would become a woman of dignity. The frightening behavior of hers tonight has convinced me. She has lost her sense of pride, lost her sense of shame, lost her dignity. She must never return to the school. We shall try to help her find herself again.” What are the specific nonverbal behaviors of Kebedetch to which her parents are objecting?’ What meanings are ascribed to these behaviors by Miss Larson?Instructions use link for question number 2

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