Assignment 2: LASA 2 Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive ReportAnswers 2Bids 85Other questions 10,Assignment 2: LASA 2 Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive ReportAnswers 2Bids 85Other questions 10

Assignment 2: LASA 2 Assignment—Workforce 2020 Executive ReportBoth leadership and organizational strategy in the next decade will  see major trends affecting the way organizations conduct business. These  include the deployment of more technology to extend reach and access,  increased globalization, increased diversity, more focus on extended  supply chains, and a more nomadic workforce. In this assignment, you  will consider these trends and analyze how they may impact your selected  organization and what actions are necessary to get ready to address  these trends.You have been appointed by your organization (either a hypothetical  one or one you are familiar with) to prepare its Workforce 2020  executive report. The report should be as detailed as possible for the CEO of your  organization. That means it should include the key points of your  research, analysis, and findings. The report should also contain  examples of specific application to your company in a clear, concise,  and informative document. In Module 4, you began your research on Workforce 2020. In this module, you will expand on the work you did in Module 4. Take Module 4’s  paper, and incorporate the items below into your work. Be sure to use  the module readings, Argosy University online library resources, and the  Internet, including federal guidelines. Select at least 3–4 scholarly  resources for use in this assignment.Complete the following: Analyze your organization in its present form. Explain your  organization’s structure, workforce diversity, market/customer  diversity, and communications technology. Forecast future trends. Identify the economic, social, demographic,  and workforce parameters that are expected to be in the U.S. in the year  2020. Explain how those trends will or will not be reflected in your  organization. Consider addressing the following:      What are the general workforce trends? How will these trends impact your industry? What are the general trends in leadership/management that are impacting your organization? Synthesize data and recommend changes needed for the future.  Identify and recommend leader, organizational, and workforce trends that  must be considered for change in the larger macro environment (for  example, advances in technology or globalization) in your organization.  Identify related outcomes for each specific topic: Consider addressing  the following:      What leadership actions should the organization take? What competencies will be needed? What does the organization need to do to be prepared? To conduct a holistic assessment of your selected organization and  the challenges and opportunities it faces in addressing the noted  trends, consider some of the concepts listed below as you develop your  recommendations for the organization. It is not necessary to include all  the concepts, but you should include 2–3 of them to do a thorough  analysis. For example, leadership models and diversity management are  likely to be pivotal areas for the organization. You could talk about  the environment trends that were noted in the beginning of this  assignment and then discuss how leadership practices and approaches in  your selected organization may have to change to meet or address those  trends.  Analyze how the following concepts apply to your organization:       Diversity management Leadership models Ethics Decision-making models Problem solving Conflict management processes  Ensure that your paper includes the following: An integrated report with an introduction and summary A set of recommendations that will enable the organization to meet the expected challenges of 2020 Trends in your own organization 3–4 credible, cited sources supporting your projectionsSupport your assertions using the selected scholarly resources.Your final product will be in a Word document and be approximately  12–15 pages in length and utilize 5–7 scholarly sources in your  research. Your paper should be written in a clear, concise, and  organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate  representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate  spelling, grammar, and punctuation.*********************Dear Tutor******************* Use the attached paper to expand on for this assignment. Total pages should be 12-15 pages, with at least 5-7 scholarly sources, (some are already in the attached paper), APA formatted, with 100% original, no plagarism.To be completed by 3/6/19 @4pm CST. Again, you are just expanding on the paper already written and answering the questions above!

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