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Due: March 7, 2019Details:Select a relevant topic pertaining to Operations Management or Supply Chain. Find a related article, preferably written in the past 2 years. Submit a 1-2-page, double-spaced write-up. Your write-up should provide a brief description of the articles but should also include you own insights as well. Used standard 1” margins, 12-point font, no citation formatting required—keep it simple. I recommend you break the write-up into sections (introduction, body, conclusion), or something similar. I will mark off for excessive grammar or spelling errors. Possible Points to Address:· Why did you choose this topic?· Why is this topic important? · How does it relate to our OSCM class? AThe principal characteristic of an ‘A’ paper is its rich content. The writer sustains a thoughtful, analytic argument, looking at ideas from more than one point of view, asking difficult questions and following them up with analysis.     BThe ‘B’ paper is significantly more than competent. It delivers substantial information—substantial in both quality and interest. The paper might tackle a significant contradiction, problem, or moment of connection in the article and develop it in a sustained way. CThe ‘C’ paper is competent: it meets the assignment, has few mechanical errors, and is reasonably well organized and developed.  C papers demonstrate your ability to work with the article and to create meaningful connections between the article and our OSCM course.

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