Art AssignmentAnswers 1Bids 25Other questions 10,Art AssignmentAnswers 1Bids 25Other questions 10

Night Café by Van Gogh (8th: fig. #5-38, p. 113) ORHarmony in Red (The Red Room) by Matisse (8th: fig. #4-27, p. 83)Study the way in which the artist uses color in the image you’ve chosen. In an essay, about 400 words, explain your reaction to the color and how it affects your response to the subject matter. To help you formulate a response, think about these things: Would you like to spend time in the scene? Do you think it would be a pleasant or unpleasant place to be? Do you think the artist wants the viewer to like the scene and characters or not? Support your opinions with discussion about the painting itself and what you see in it.

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