ANTH 140 Extra Credit AssignmentAnswers 1Bids 56Other questions 10,ANTH 140 Extra Credit AssignmentAnswers 1Bids 56Other questions 10

In our society, we are awash with conspiracy theories that are based on little or no data that support them. A persistent set of these hold that some of our most treasured archaeological remains – such as the Giza pyramids or the Inka building called Ollantaytambo – are actually the remains of an ancient alien civilization. Your assignment is to find at least an hour of video that attempts to demonstrate that some aspect of ancient remains are evidence of ancient aliens (these are easy enough to find by doing a google, YouTube, or other search online). You will then write a two-page paper that uses what you have learned in class – either in lecture, film, or as research for your paper – to disprove the claims that are made in the video. You must include a link to the video at the end of your paper. Please do not summarize the video, rather you should use it as the material that you are working to disprove. Your paper will be graded according to your ability to a) effectively use class material in your argument and b) the effectiveness of your argument. The paper is due on Thursday, March 14th in class. The assignment is worth from 1 to 7 points toward your final grade.

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