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A young woman is put through an extensive battery of tests to determine the cause of her abdominal pain. – She is diagnosed with gastric ulcers.- Apply your knowledge of anatomy and physiology in answering the following questions. – Include names of tissues/organs/systems involved and the associated physiological processes. – You can write this in narrative form or simply number and answer the questions individually. You can use your textbook, but also use sources other than your textbook as specified in the grading rubric. Be sure to follow the grading rubric closely to guide you and maximize your grade for the assignment.- Questions that need to be answered in 3-5 sentences each question:1. What is thought to cause ulcers? Name and explain 2 causes.2. Discuss 3 different categories of medications used to treat ulcers and explain their action in the treatment of ulcers.3. Name and explain 4 life threatening problems which can result from a poorly managed ulcer.4. Why did the clinic doctor warn the woman not to take aspirin or NSAIDS?Continuing from the previous information regarding the young woman – her ulcer gets worse. She starts complaining of back pain. The physician discovers that the back pain occurred because the pancreas is damaged.5. Explain why and how the pancreas could be damaged.6. What lifestyle changes/practices could help prevent or treat ulcers.Important approved internet sources:-  (1) Sites such as: Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins University or other medical universities or teaching hospitals. (2) Health care journals ( medical, nursing, other health professions) (3) CDC, NIH or other governmental agencies (4) Organizations representing professional specialties or prominent advocacy organizations such as American Gastroenterology Association (5) Textbooks other than course textbook. Avoid popular magazines or web sites or blogs, or websites which do not list a professional medical author. If your source does not fit into the above criteria or if you are not sure, contact instructor for approval of the source.

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