American Study short essays Answers 3Bids 83Other questions 10,American Study short essays Answers 3Bids 83Other questions 10

[1]  Describe the facts relating to the event/place/person/group[2]  Describe the mythical version or mythical aspects of how the story was retold in later years[3]  Tell when & why Americans (or a specific sub-group thereof) promoted the mythical version instead of the factsPaul Revere and his ‘Midnight Ride’ (1775;  myth starting 1860)Unanimous Declaration of the Thirteen united States (popularly known as the ‘Declaration of Independence’, July 1776)’Molly Pitcher’ (general term 1775-83;  myth starting in 1850s & through 1920)The ‘coldest winter’ at Valley Forge (1777;  myth starting during the War of 1812)Dunmore’s & Clinton’s Proclamations (1775 & 1779;  not a myth itself) vs. ‘patriot slaves’ (myth 1780s-1960s)Great Siege of Gibraltar (1779-83;  not a myth itself) vs. Battle of Yorktown (1781;  myth starting mid-1780s) Raphael, Part 2 — ESSAY  QUESTION (16 mins.):Briefly summarize the imbalance of power (between the U.S. national gov’t and the states) under the Articles of Confederation, then describe in detail how this was resolved by the new power balance of the 1787 Constitution, with the Bill of Rights (1789) adding a further level of protection.

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