Accounting project needs to be doneAnswers 2Bids 60Other questions 10,Accounting project needs to be doneAnswers 2Bids 60Other questions 10

Financial Review (3-4):Calculate ratios from Chapters 8 to 12.  You should have a calculation for the following ratios.  Accounts Receivable Turnover; Average Collection period; Return on Assets; Asset turnover; Times interest earned ratio; payout ratio; return on common stockholders’ equity.  Formulas for ratios can be found in the decision tools review box located before the glossary at the end of every chapter.  Compare the ratios for each company against each other and draw a conclusion about each of the ratios.  Interpret the meaning of the ratio in relation to your companies.  You should also look at the financial statement note disclosure for Receivables, Long Lived Assets; Liabilities; and Stockholders equity.  Read the note disclosure and comment on the information listed in the disclosure.  Information in the Notes to the Financial Statement and Management Discussion and Analysis should help you explain the changes in the ratios.   The Exhibits (not included in 7-page limit)The exhibits must include the following:*    Income Statement and Balance Sheet For three years*    Ratios analysis (3 years) for each of the ratios listed under the financial review section.  Use excel to calculate ratios (i.e. you should be able to see how the numbers in the cells are calculated when clicking on the cell reference).  Formula must be included in the excel file.  An uploaded copy of the excel file must be turned in with the paper.

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